Did you know that Halloween can be pretty spooky for your furry soulmates?

Halloween noise anxiety is a real thing! This is the most stressful holiday of the year for Fido and Felix after Fourth of July fireworks.

The noisy decorations (you know your neighbor Suzy’s front porch ghoul will be hollering BOO every time a trick-or-treater runs by it). The excited chatter outside. All of the little kids running to your door, ringing the bell, yelling “Trick-Or-Treat!!”

If your dog or cat becomes anxious around a lot of people, noise, or changes in their environment (we know ours do), there are a few things that you can do to provide them extra support through this holiday season.

  1. On Halloween night, keep them in a safe place where they can relax, preferably away from the front door.
  2. Put some music or television on to drown out the noise.
  3. Make sure they have plenty of exercise the day of so that they can release the excess energy and tension already in their bodies.
  4. Supplement with CBD to help them relax.

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