500mg, 1500mg strength CBD Drops

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Our original CBD Oil Drop formula optimizes general health and wellness.

All droppers include 99%+ CBD Isolate and MCT oil in a 30 mL (1 fl oz) bottle.

*All 500 mg tinctures are now soy-free.


Ingredients: MCT Oil, Hemp Derived CBD Isolate, Natural Flavors & Sweeteners.

Non-GMO 0% THC 3rd party lab tested and verfied Grown in the USA

19 reviews for CBD OIL DROPS

  1. mmemb001 (verified owner)

    Having tried multiple pure CBD oils and oils that include THC, I can tell you my soul CBD is the premium of CBD oil. I’m a veteran with an autoimmune that is trying to make my athletic comeback. Soul CBD has allowed me to workout and recover from my workout quickly. It has allowed me to get uninterrupted sleep and the taste is amazing. Best of all, I get no high from my soul CBD, which allows me to always be sharp and alert.

  2. jessmarie (verified owner)

    I’m so excited about this CBD oil!!! The taste is beyond yummy, it’s been amazing to curb my anxiety & I sleep like a baby. I feel like I have more energy & over all good mood!! I take 2 droppers daily. I was so nervous to try CBD until Angie Lee came along!! Thank you!! I even gave some to our dog who has major car anxiety. She normally pants for the entire 3hrs to the lake. This time after CBD, she quit after 1hr!! So awesome!!! We will definately be getting the pet CBD!! This has been a wonderful addition to my self care regimen!!

  3. Ansel (verified owner)

    Love love love!! I bought this as a first time user of CBD with the intention of easing stress/anxiety that causes that tension feeling in my gut. This stuff is literally incredible. The little things just do not matter anymore. I am able to get more done and feel more like myself because that paralyzing stress just isn’t there anymore. And the number one side effect I noticed, I laugh so much more! I have more snort / cry laughs in the last 2 weeks of taking this than maybe all year. Gold. I’m signing up the for subscription today.

  4. DarleneHealth (verified owner)

    I love the product. .. this helps with my anxiety and sleep so much. Since I became a mom, my anxiety increased because I get overwhelmed with all the work I have and balancing it with mom duty. I get interrupted all the time and feel I have no control. Taking the CBD has helped me to stay focused and relax. Also, after becoming a mom it’s been hard to fall asleep. The only quiet time I have is when I am about to go to bed. My mind starts racing on all the things I have to do, and I can’t sleep. CBD has helped me to shut my mind and just relax and not go crazy on thinking so much:)

    So thank you My Soul for saving me.

  5. Michyscr8 (verified owner)

    HOLYYYY CHEESEBALLS! If you have anxiety/stress that causes you migraines, stomach aches, nausea, vomiting ect…then YOU NEED THIS! This clears your hand so you can think logically and not make rash decisions! I take it 2x a day. 500mg in the morning and at night. I can actually sleep through the night and actually feel rested in the morning. This is a total game changer! Stop debating if you should get it, and get it already!! It will change your life for the better!

  6. Aimbchurch (verified owner)

    Love this product! I have the 500mg that I use 1 drop a day (every morning with my coffee). I use this to help my anxiety, I have been dealing with anxiety for over 2 years and I have tried a bunch of natural remedy’s to help. I wear an Apple Watch every day which monitors my heart rate and my heart was all over the place, from 59-190, with a week of taking the CBD oil my heart rate stays 50-80. I feel so calm, less anxious, more energy, and get such a deep sleep! Highly recommend this to anyone!! 5 starts hands down

  7. Kgarro (verified owner)

    Obsessed is an understatement!!! I am absolutely in love with Soul CBD. CBD has been huge in helping me with anxiety and ptsd, and I’ve tried a few in the past. Soul is hands down the best. Great taste, texture (most others are so thick), I am super impressed with the peppermint 500, and plan to try them all and the pet line for my German Shepherd!!

  8. gintare993 (verified owner)

    Since I started taking Soul CBD , I’ve just been reaping benefits from it. I struggle with anxiety, irritability, headaches and all of those things are improving! I’m sleeping better and focusing better! I’ve tried a few oils before and haven’t gotten the benefits like I do with this one. Thank you for creating such an amazing product. 💜

  9. ageary (verified owner)

    Amazing product… the CBD oil drops help me release tensions where I hold it in my body, helps me think clearly and improves my digestion! I got the 500mg and take 1.5mg to reach the desired feeling I want (it happens almost immediately) I will order the 1500mg on my next order. It’s all about preference and your body! Start with 500mg and work up from there if you need to.

  10. seekthebeach (verified owner)

    Had never tried CBD prior to this but as a night-shift nurse I’m always struggling with sleep and have tried numerous remedies. This stuff works! I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling calm and ready to take on the stresses of work! Also purchased the bacon flavor for my fur balls. They love it!

  11. Jenn_massa@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    LOVE this cbd oil! Best one out there!

  12. akontg (verified owner)

    I really love Soul CBD! I had never looked at CBD before for my anxiety but was drawn to it from the research I did and hearing Angie talk about it so much. It’s my first brand and will be the ONLY brand I use. I wondered if it was a really working when I started with 500mg and kept using it. Then I got two confirmations for me. 1) I can fly calmly again! I used to get heavy anxiety when I flew and I took this prior to a cross country trip and not a speck of anxiety creeped up. However, my favorite confirmation was when I took it after being on a trip and forgetting my anti depressants. When I forget them, I get the worst withdrawal symptoms, from feeling like I was in a tunnel to dizziness and nausea. I reached for my Soul CBD (not thinking it would help but hey I had nothing else to try) and the symptoms were CUT IN HALF! I worked with my doctor (this is a MUST) and I went from 2 pills a day to 1 pill every other day as we are weening me off of them. Thanks to Soul CBD I don’t need to put harsh chemicals into my body with crazy side effects. I literally tear up every time I take it, I was against medication from the beginning and now I have proof that I don’t need it to help me!!! Thank you Soul CBD, customer for life!!!!

  13. Angelolsen88 (verified owner)

    I am OBSESSED! I ordered the 500 mg of peppermint. I am currently working through post partum anxiety and was taking anxiety medication until I started using this cbd oil! I had bought another cbd oil from a “well known” company and honestly didn’t feel much of a difference taking their oil. So, I was skeptical about even trying to order a different oil, but, I was not disappointed with my Soul cbd!!!!
    I am so excited to be able to take something so natural without any side effects! It gives me a nice sense of calmness.
    I take one full dropper when I wake up and one and hour before I go to sleep everyday.

    I actually went out and had a few drinks with the husband over the weekend, and he had anxiety the next day (hangover, lol). I talked him into finally trying it and he said he could really tell a difference and took away the headache too.

  14. JennyStinny (verified owner)

    I’ve tried 3 other CBD products prior to this one and there is no comparison. The taste and quality far exceeds everything else I’ve tried. I am 8 months pregnant and did my own research after consulting my doctor and decided to give it a go. The CBD has improved my sleep, and my overall anxiety and depression. My body feels better, I have more energy throughout the day and my overall mood as a whole has improved. I highly recommend this product to any and everyone for general well being and especially if you’re combating depression and anxiety. Thank you Soul CBD!

  15. Natalie MacPhee (verified owner)

    As soon as my anxiety rose to a point where I needed something to help ease it, I knew I did not want to turn to typical drug store/pill solutions. Thinking about possible negative side effects and not knowing what exactly I would be putting in my body scares me, I prefer trying holistic remedies for health issues. I immediately bought Soul CBD (…and guys, the lemon lime tastes AMAZING) and easily integrated it into my morning routine. The results… (drum roll pls) my entire mindset, mood, body, and feelings were elevated throughout the day and I no longer felt the effects of anxiety. Hello calmness!! Not only does Soul CBD help reduce my anxiety significantly, I also have had positive results when taking it to help sleep better and ease bad headaches. I trust not only the brand, but Angie Lee with the highest grade products available to purchase. Thank you so much for helping heal me!

  16. TinaPalmer (verified owner)

    Before, Soul CBD I was under a lot of stress — I was putting in 16 hour days, exhausted and I couldn’t stop overthinking and overanalyzing every little thing. I felt like my thoughts were running wild in a million different directions! I was restless and couldn’t seem to RELAX. I used to gravitate towards a prescription drug to help calm me but it wasn’t ideal to take this kind of pill daily. I’m so grateful I found Soul CBD. It tastes great, works quickly and helps calm me so I can SLOW DOWN. It’s a Godsend!

  17. Tony S (verified owner)

    This is an excellent, quality CBD product. I highly recommend it! I have tried multiple CBD brands and this is definitely the best CBD that I have tried in terms of taste, overall relaxation and anti-anxiety effects. Having third party lab results posted is very reassuring for me also. The lemon lime flavor tastes great, and I look forward to trying the Orange flavor soon! It is definitely a relief to find a company like Soul that is run by people passionate about CBD and who really care about the quality and consistency of the product. I am definitely a fan!

  18. Aimee Lecointre (verified owner)

    I’ve tried other brands of CBD and wasn’t impressed at all. I decided to give one more brand a shot and tried Soul. I love love love it! I bought in hopes of it helping ease the constant low level anxiety I feel at all times. It makes me feel nervous and edgy. My Soul helped to lower that constant anxiety and tension, some days it’s almost non-existent! And by surprise it’s also helped to drastically reduce my night time teeth grinding! I’ve grinded my way through multiple mouth guards and nothing helped until I started taking Soul CBD. And when I do still grind my teeth, it’s far less frequently and waaaay less intense. The CBD has also stopped me from clenching my jaw all day. A truly high quality product that works amazing well! So grateful.

  19. elizres (verified owner)

    This is my first experience with CBD oil and I am beyond thrilled. I bought it to help with sleep. Overall I am very healthy and fit, but sleep has always been an issue. I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Melatonin helps but I sometimes feel extra groggy the next day. I ordered the mint flavored CBD drops in the 500 mg. dose. I have just been taking half a dropper at night right before bed. I fall asleep so peacefully. It’s not a knocked out feeling. Just a comfy, relaxed feeling. I take a few minutes to think about things I am grateful for and drift off to sleep. I feel amazing in the morning. No brain fog. Every now and then I suffer from some anxiety. Next time it pops up I will definitely reach for my CBD.

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Benefits of CBD Oil Drops

– Supports general health.*

– Helps with anxiety, pain & inflammation.*

– Neuroprotective.*

– Promotes a calm state.*

How To Take CBD Drops

– For best results, drop one serving underneath your
tongue and hold for 30 seconds. You can also
add your CBD Drops to your favorite beverage.

– Why dropper form? CBD Droppers provide a direct
delivery to the bloodstream and offer a reliable
mechanism for dosing.



Until you find the right strength for you. We recommend starting small and building up your servings.


Split your daily serving into an AM and PM serving to optimize absorption rates.


You’ll notice benefits right away, but CBD builds up in the body over time so consistent, daily consumption is recommended.


Soul CBD utilizes the highest standards when it comes to sourcing our CBD Drops and other products. We focus on the quality of our crops, our farmer’s cultivation methods and purity of the water and soil of their crops.

Once harvested, the hemp undergoes strict laboratory testing in different certified facilities to test.

All of our products are free of pesticides, GMO’s, herbicides, heavy metals, corn, soy & gluten.

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