CBD Sleep Aid Capsules

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Because you deserve good, quality sleep, we’ve formulated our CBD Sleep Aid Capsules with key ingredients, CBD and Melatonin, so you can catch your Zzz’s faster and longer.

Containing 25mg of CBD with 5mg of Melatonin, you will not only relax into a restful night’s sleep but you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day!

Non-GMO 0% THC 3rd party lab tested and verfied Grown in the USA

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1 review for CBD Sleep Aid Capsules

  1. william St. George

    My wife has been using CBD Sleep Aid Capsules from Soul for several months and will not use any other sleep aids because this product works! She falls asleep quicker and sleeps longer. I truly recommend this product.

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Key Ingredients & Benefits

CBD: promotes a calm state.

Melatonin: regulates sleep.

Valerian: promotes relaxation & sedation.

– Maypop: promotes a calm state.

How to Take

For best results, try taking before bed and build up if necessary.

How To Get The Most Benefits


Until you find the right strength for you. We recommend starting with a small amount and building up from there.


Try before bed. If necessary, build from there.


You’ll notice benefits right away. CBD also builds up in the body over time.

Why Choose Soul CBD

Soul CBD utilizes the highest standards when it comes to sourcing our products. We focus on the quality of our crops, our farmer’s cultivation methods and purity of the water and soil of their crops.

Once harvested, the hemp undergoes strict laboratory testing in different certified facilities to test.

All of our products are free of pesticides, GMO’s, herbicides, heavy metals, corn, soy & gluten.